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What is Corporate Wellbeing?

Corporate wellbeing relates to all aspects of working life, from the quality of sleep and physical health to work environment and stress. Corporate wellbeing programs are employer-sponsored initiatives offered to support employee wellbeing and improve organizational performance.

According to Harvard Business Review,

“To effectively reenergize their workforces, organizations need to shift their emphasis from getting more out of people to investing more in them, so they are motivated—and able—to bring more of themselves to work every day.”


Wellbeing is unique to each person.


There are many different drivers that contribute to wellbeing, such as happiness, prosperity, and life satisfaction.


How important each of the drivers are and how they are connected, depend on the individual. The diversity of human experiences means wellbeing requires a personalized approach.


Wellbeing needs subjective  and objective measures.


Most wellbeing research focuses on personal assessments.


This approach limits which factors can be recorded and considered within existing wellbeing solutions. Take stress for example—a survey would only measure an employee’s perceived stress, but a physiological reading of stress-related metrics would likely offer a more comprehensive picture. Empatho’s industry leading app provides this comprehensive approach.


Wellbeing is dynamic.


Wellbeing is always evolving, and both daily and long-term factors affect it. Wellbeing needs to be measured in a way that is sensitive to both short-term and long-term changes to be reflective of each person’s unique journey.


Research is continuing to show that positive wellbeing has health, work, family, and economic benefits. It has also been long concluded that higher levels of wellbeing are associated with decreased risks of disease, injury and illness, as well as better productivity and community engagement. Even the CDC agrees that wellbeing is an important public health and population outcome measure, and advances in psychology and neuroscience have improved the ability to accurately measure wellbeing.

How will Empatho’s
Wellbeing Program Improve
Your Organization?


It starts by supporting employees as whole people. According to the Mayo Clinic and Harvard Business Review, employee retention, burnout, and productivity are strongly affected by organizational factors like long working hours, unrealistic deadlines, and poor corporate culture. Factors outside of work also have an impact. For example, a recent study from Harvard University found a strong relationship between employees who exercise and a reduction in absenteeism. This means that factors such as physical activity, social relationships, sleep, and personal stress are equally important to consider.


When employee wellbeing is supported, it shows in employee outcomes. The American Psychology Association (APA) found that 9/10 employees report an increase in motivation and job satisfaction after their organization implemented wellbeing initiatives. This resulted in nearly 30% reduction in employee turnover. The financial benefits are also great—reducing burnout and fostering an engaged and motivated workforce could save U.S. companies up to $550 billion each year.


Not only are corporate wellbeing programs effective, but they are also becoming expected by the multigenerational workforce. Now, 71% of global employers are implementing a wellbeing or wellness program. For organizations striving to attract and retain the right talent, corporate wellbeing programs are quickly becoming the key differentiator.

Why Empatho?

Asset 10.png

The Empathway™ - Empatho works with each user to improve overall wellbeing in a customized and individual way through
our proprietary PsychAI™ platform.
PsychAI™ - Empatho’s PsychAI™ platform is an algorithm that leverages passive and active metrics. It detects which key factor(s) is impacting your wellbeing the most and provides insights and recommendations to improve your wellbeing.

An Evidence-Based

Approach to Wellbeing


Empatho is a science-based virtual wellbeing platform that leverages the features of smartphones and wearable devices to monitor, analyze, and predict factors that contribute to each person’s wellbeing.


At Empatho, we view wellbeing as individual, dynamic, and actionable, so we focus on factors of wellbeing that people can take control over. We provide actionable recommendations to help our subscribers continuously improve their habits and behaviour, one step at a time.

The Empathway™ Provides Value for both Employees and Employers.


Each of your employees will experience a personalized and tailored wellbeing journey with Empatho. Their wellbeing score, insights, and recommendations are based on their behaviour and survey responses. Empatho specifically addresses the factors that are affecting their overall wellbeing.


For employers, we provide an overview of employee wellbeing within your organization. Empatho helps assess potential risk factors that may be driving burnout, reducing productivity, or contributing to employee turnover. We are steadfast about protecting the privacy of employees, so the employer dashboard will provide anonymized and aggregated scores across your organization to help you make important management decisions.

Empatho goes Beyond Typical Survey Programs.

Most wellbeing programs lack an objective view of wellbeing, instead of relying solely on subjective survey questions. However, survey-based programs come with the risk of inaccuracies and bias, in addition to being very user intensive. Employees often report that an easy user experience is vital to their engagement with a wellbeing program. Engagement is then heavily correlated with the impact of a wellbeing program.


Empatho brings together both subjective and objective measurements to create a fun and user-friendly experience while collecting the necessary data to personally support every subscriber’s unique wellbeing journey - the Empathway™.

We leverage the features of smartphones and wearable devices to capture the individual drivers affecting wellbeing.


Remote devices and technology are massive databases for behavioural (e.g., activity levels, sleep), physiological (e.g., heart rate metrics), and environmental (e.g., barometric pressure) monitoring. Harnessing the data from smart devices has introduced a new way of objectively measuring factors that contribute to wellbeing. Through monitoring this passive data, as well as strategically delivering subjective survey questions, we provide users with a comprehensive wellbeing experience.

The Empathway™

Your ROI in a NutShell.

Studies have shown that wellbeing programs reduce employee absenteeism, turnover, and burnout while improving engagement and productivity.

Improve Retention

and Reduce Turnover

Group 21.png


Risk of Burnout

Group 15.png


Employee Safety


Increase Engagement

and Productivity

Group 3.png
Group 6.png

What sets Empatho apart?


A successful corporate wellbeing program should not only help employees become healthier, more balanced, and less stressed but it should also lead to higher performance across the entire organization. At Empatho, we consider the needs of both employees and employers in every step of our development.


Employees want corporate wellbeing programs that are personalized, easy to use, and supportive of both their physical and mental health. When wellbeing programs are engaging, 60% of employees report making healthier lifestyle choices. At the same time, we know employers want to see ROI from corporate wellbeing initiatives.


Unlike other corporate wellbeing programs, Empatho provides a personalized approach to wellbeing for employees - The Empathway™. The Empatho app, powered by advanced artificial intelligence, is engaging, easy to use, and makes wellbeing accessible for everyone. For employers, the Empatho dashboard delivers comprehensive insights into how your organization is doing. Combined, Empatho offers a complete corporate wellbeing solution that supports employees while improving organizational performance - the Empathway™.

Empatho for Employers

Organizations that adopt employee wellbeing as part of a broader business strategy can realize substantial ROI. Corporate culture and wellbeing have never been more important to the success of a company. Companies that care for and support their employees enable their employees to better care for themselves, their families, their teams, and their company.


Empatho provides employers with an interactive dashboard to analyze and understand the factors affecting their organization’s wellbeing. This dashboard is a confidential and aggregated overview of your organization. Powered by Empatho’s PsychAI machine learning algorithm, our employer dashboard is fully customizable so you can see insights into potential risk factors that are critical for your organization.


When you log in to your Empatho dashboard, you will see an overview of 50+ metrics on productivity, engagement, burnout, safety risks, overall wellbeing, and more. Choose to filter across specific departments or view insights throughout your entire organization. Our employer dashboard will arm you with the information you need to proactively address organizational challenges and better support your employees.


Empatho for Employees

Discover your

Wellbeing Score


Your score is a daily average for the key factors within each wellbeing dimension (vitality, mood, and resilience). We then compare your daily score to your personal average within each dimension. We provide you with a breakdown of your score and highlight what is likely impacting your wellbeing.


A good wellbeing score (i.e., 80% and above) indicates your energy levels are high and mood and resilience levels are well balanced. A lower score indicates there are some factors that can be improved.


Wellbeing is dynamic and your score may fluctuate over time. This is a completely normal part of your journey. Your wellbeing score identifies which dimension(s) you may want to focus on, and we will provide recommendations that can help you improve - The Empathway™!

Explore Insights and Recommendations


From your passive and active metrics, our algorithm detects which key factor(s) is impacting your wellbeing the most. We also notify you when your wellbeing score changes and what it means. For example, if there’s a drop in your movement, you will be sent insights into how this affects your vitality and other aspects of your wellbeing.


While awareness of your wellbeing is the first step, your journey continues from there. We then offer actionable recommendations to target and improve that key factor. Our tailored recommendations were developed by behavioural experts to provide manageable, incremental steps towards rebalancing your wellbeing.

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Confidentiality, Privacy & Security.

Empatho Subscriber's Journey.

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Leverage Empatho’s Proprietary PsychAI™  to discover wellbeing insights.


Want to see what is really impacting your wellbeing?

Empatho calculates your wellbeing score using passive and active data from your phone and wearable devices, environmental data and evidence-based survey questions. Get smart insights, powered by artificial intelligence, that help you understand what is affecting your wellbeing.

Explore Personalized



Based on your wellbeing score, Empatho recommends powerful actions to improve the four wellbeing dimensions: Vitality, Mood, Resilience and Productivity.

Benefit from a variety of recommendations that have been scientifically (Psych AI™) proven to enhance wellbeing.

Build Sustainable,

Healthy Habits.


Select our recommended healthy behaviours or log habits that you want to track. Empatho’s habit tracker will display your progress along the way and send friendly notifications to help you stay motivated.

Empatho's Business Solutions


Empatho Individual

(Consumer Platform)


Our direct-to-user platform offers personalized engagement and tailored wellbeing recommendations based on each subscriber’s interests.

Empatho Small Business

(1-999 employees)


Designed for small businesses, this platform includes an individualized Empatho experience for employees and a powerful dashboard of wellbeing metrics for employers. Empatho Small Business educates employers on how to improve employee and organizational wellbeing.

Empatho Corporate

(1,000+ employees)


Empatho Corporate gives organizations a pulse on corporate wellbeing and real-time insights into their teams. With a fully customizable dashboard, managers can view the wellbeing score of their team, along with key business metrics like risk of burnout, safety, productivity, and engagement.



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