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Creating an enhanced healthcare experience.

Integrated with your telehealth platform healthcare providers receive intelligent insights into the wellbeing of their patients, which can help inform clinical decision-making and enhance patient care.


Patients are empowered to understand and enhance their wellbeing, with the opportunity to provide input at their convenience and incrementally improve new and existing habits.

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Empatho Subscriber's Journey.

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Leverage Empatho’s Proprietary PsychAI™  to discover wellbeing insights.


Want to see what is really impacting your wellbeing?

Empatho calculates your wellbeing score using passive and active data from your phone and wearable devices, environmental data and evidence-based survey questions. Get smart insights, powered by artificial intelligence, that help you understand what is affecting your wellbeing.

Explore Personalized



Based on your wellbeing score, Empatho recommends powerful actions to improve the four wellbeing dimensions: Vitality, Mood, Resilience and Productivity.

Benefit from a variety of recommendations that have been scientifically (Psych AI™) proven to enhance wellbeing.

Build Sustainable,

Healthy Habits.


Select our recommended healthy behaviours or log habits that you want to track. Empatho’s habit tracker will display your progress along the way and send friendly notifications to help you stay motivated.

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